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Surveyors are crucial to national development. At 3D Surveys we approach each project individually and with a full understanding of the specific requirements of our client. We work closely with our clients to determine exactly what is needed. This allows us to use the best and most efficient methods of data collection and processing; be it traditional surveying, GPS, HDS scanning, LiDAR, or the newest UAV photogrammetry technology. This strategy of using the most advanced technology available to collect and process data efficiently while maintaining high professional standards and ensuring accuracy is at the core of 3D Surveys.

3D Surveying services include: Road Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Airport Surveys, Pipeline Surveys, Powerline Surveys, Engineering Surveys, Fibre Optic Surveys, Aerial Surveys / UAV, Construction Surveying, Monitoring Surveys and Residential Surveying


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys | Utility Scan | GPR Scanning | GPR Systems

The ideal underground locator – achieve greater depth penetration and clearer data with patented HyperStacking Technology. The UtilityScan features real-time data presentation, the basic principle of GPR / Ground Penetrating Radar is the transmission of a short electromagnetic pulse, with a specified frequency, down into the ground and the recording of reflected energy as a function of time, amplitude and phase. The specified central frequency is controlled by the transmitter and receiver antennae length. The reflected energy is recorded as a “pattern” on radargrams which are displayed in real time. The radargrams are displayed in real time on the control unit and basic interpretation can be conducted on site. Often data is recorded and processed and analysed off-site using specialized software.


Our team has more than 12 years’ experience in the Surveying field, skills and a track record of delivering hundreds successful surveying projects. This enables us to offer you the full services of any survey requirements.

3D Surveying Services include:


What do we do

At 3D Surveys we are dedicated to providing accurate & professional service, advice, and the right product for your needs. From Suits to Boots - we work in the Office and out in the field. Out in the Field we use the latest technology such as GPS’s, Total Stations, Aerial and GPR Scanners  to map an area. In the office we use sophisticated software, such as Model-maker to draft plans and map the onsite measurements.

We work on a diverse variety of projects from Topographical surveys to major construction, which means no two days are the same. We are experts in determining land size and detailed contour plans. We also provide information to guide the work of engineers, architects and developers. Each individual survey is as different as the individual needing it.

Please feel free to contact 3D Surveys to discuss your surveying needs.